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GFL's Get Home Safe for the Holidays

The League of Champions staff are very happy to participate in GFL’s ‘Get Home Safe for the Holidays' campaign, taking place from December 6 – 10, 2021. We encourage every one of our Champions to get involved as well, and personally “pledge to never compromise my safety or the safety of my fellow workers, to ensure we all get home safe”.

Last year finished off with the deadliest month the Ontario Construction sector has seen in years, which saw 5 deaths at 4 job sites over 7 days.

This is not acceptable and never will be, we need to do better.

GFL is launching this week-long campaign at the start of December, to stop and regroup, to remind ourselves what’s important, to focus on working as a team, to look out for each other to make sure everyone gets home safe for the holidays. As a company, GFL is pledging their full support and commitment to all their workers, that we will do whatever is necessary to ensure each and every person gets home these holidays. They will be asking all workers, employees, contractors, and industry partners to do the same, to take a pledge of commitment, across all our job sites and work locations from Monday, December 6 – Friday, December 10, 2021.

“I pledge to never compromise my safety or the safety of my fellow workers,

to ensure we all get home safe”

Safety Stand down’s will be conducted across all their 150 approx. locations, conversations will happen, reminding everyone of the importance of safety, with all Senior Management and workers alike.

Please join us. Let’s get every worker home safe this December. We are encouraging our Champions to use #GFLHOMESAFE in your social media posts this coming week, and don't forget to tag @thelochampions.

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