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Leadership in Safety, new member spotlight - Cooper Equipment Rentals

Founded in 1972 by Gord Cooper, Cooper Equipment Rentals is the leading privately-owned, 100% Canadian full-service construction equipment rental company. With over 700 employees and 50 locations across Canada (25 locations in Ontario), Cooper specializes in the rental of compact, aerial, trench safety, pump solutions and heavy construction equipment.

“Working together safely as one professional team” has always been a core value at Cooper. We foster a culture of safety awareness and leading industry best practices within our organization by implementing the following programs:

COR Certification was achieved in Alberta in 2020, and Cooper is currently the only rental company registered and working towards COR certification in Ontario, with the first external audit scheduled for Q4 2021

Daily safety text messages are sent to all employees to remind them of workplace health and safety hazards and to highlight the importance of mental health and wellness issues.

The Cooper Driver Incentive Program rewards safe driving practices and habits with quarterly financial rewards for drivers who have no incidences during that quarter. Drivers who continue incident-free for four consecutive quarters (12 months) are eligible to receive the Sterling Q4 Driver Award, where they receive a certificate, company-wide recognition and a gift. Cooper is excited to have the first ever Sterling Q8 Driver Awards this April, where drivers who have completed 24 months without incidences will be awarded.

Cooper recently launched a New Hire Mentorship Program which is designed to assist managers and supervisors keep new, young and short-service workers safe on the job. New employees are assigned a blue safety vest and an experienced mentor, who conducts the Health & Safety job specific orientation and then meets with the mentee and manager for regular competency checks over a six month period of mentorship.

The Cooper Branch Safety Scorecard detail’s how each branch is performing from a safety perspective against a set of Key Leading Performance Indicators. The scorecards allow managers to compare their performance and results to other similar branches and regions across the company with the goal of continuous improvement. A component of the managers’ annual incentive compensation is based on their branches’ consistent month-to-month safety efforts.

Cooper Equipment Rentals President, Darryl Cooper, is looking forward to being involved in The League of Champions where he hopes to collaborate with the leading industry experts within Ontario and share best safety practices from the perspective of a leading rental equipment provider. He also looks forward to learning more about the unique challenges contractors face and together making jobsites safer in Ontario and across Canada.

For more information on Cooper Equipment Rentals please visit or follow them on Instagram or LinkedIn for updates.

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