Inspiring Leaders to be Health & Safety Champions

What is the League of Champions

The League of Champions (LOC) is a cross-sectoral organization dedicated to health and safety excellence through collaboration and information sharing on real-world health and safety situations.


Together with our members and patrons, the LOC develops industry-leading best-practices with a solutions-oriented focus on actual experiences.


Inspiring and influencing leaders to commit, collaborate, and take action to improve safety culture through awareness, education, promotion, and recognition leading to safer construction workplaces in Ontario.


Our vision is simply to inspire leaders to be Health and Safety Champions.

"Guidelines for Safety should come down from the top of an organization to the team on the front line, but it does not become a cultural shift until everyone on the front line owns their actions and the ensuing results.  Be a leader in establishing a culture of safety excellence in your workplace. Become a Member of the League of Champions!"

Craig Lesurf, Chair

Meet The Team

David Frame


Director, Government Relations

Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA)

Martha George


John Mollenhauer


President & CEO
Toronto Construction Association (TCA)

Derrick Speakman


Craig Lesurf


Gillam Group

Paul Casey


Vice President, Programs & Strategic Development

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA)

Dan Fleming Member

Manager, GTA


Mark Mulholland


Vice President, Project Delivery Services Operations



Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA)

Harold Reinders


President & CEO 

Maple Reinders

Constructors Ltd.

Vice President

GFL Infrastructure

Group Inc. 

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League of Champions 

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