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Join The League of Champions

By joining the League of Champions, you will demonstrate your commitment to Workplace Health and Safety best practices. You will also be recognized within our industry for achieving safety excellence.

The Champion Program includes:


Networking Opportunities           


Champions are active and engaged companies operating as a contractor in the greater construction industry. These companies are deemed to meet or exceed the safety standards of construction and approved by the LOC Board of Directors. These companies are committed to supporting each other through common dedication to safety as well as through like-minded business practices.


As a Champion, you will have opportunities to network with major buyers of construction and other safety champions, to share best practices, achieve excellence, and inspire construction safety distinction.

Sharing of vital information to assist all members to better their organizations and in turn their company’s reputation as a safety-conscious business.

Inspire Safety Excellence

The League of Champions provides support and networking opportunities to empower leaders towards achieving:

  • Certificate of Recognition (CORTM)

  • WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

  • Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employer Program

Regular webinar presentations featuring the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO), other LOC members, and safety professionals tabling best practices and leading-edge safety initiatives.

The use of the League of Champions brand and trust will position you as a health and safety champion. It will drastically improve the safety culture in your organization and in turn, may lead to an improved safety record and lower costs.


The League of Champions Jersey is a symbol that represents safety excellence and commitment.

Your business and members will receive heightened media exposure and cross-promotion. Your organization will be recognized for your health and safety commitment and achievement.

As a member, your organization has the right to use the LOC logo on your letterhead, social media, website, and other promotional materials.  

The League of Champions will also publicly promote your organization as one of our members. Your organization is also eligible to obtain additional recognition with the LOC achievement awards.

Opportunities to showcase your company to students and apprentices across the Province(s) in front of High Schools; Colleges; Universities; and the Government​.

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The Patron Champion Includes:

A Patron Champion with the League of Champions provides organizations with an elevated status with regards to their health and safety image in their respective industry. Patron Champions are an active and engaged organization, company, and/or association that does not meet the requirements of a Champion. This includes schools, associations, supply chain representatives, and/or other industries not in construction. 

Patron Champions share the same attitude, drive and dedication for safety, in the respective industries, outside of construction, and further approved by the LOC Board of Directors. There are three levels of patronage available with LOC. See table below.

Being associated with the LOC demonstrates to your employees, your clients, and to the public at large that your company embodies the following attributes:

As a Patron Champion you will:


  • Inspire the leaders within your organization to be health
    and safety champions.

  • Support the values of the organization including placing
    workers health and safety as the highest priority


  • Lead by example in improving safety behavior in your organization

Additional Support:

Recognizing our Patron Champions for their outstanding achievements

Promoting and supporting Patron Champions with webinars, networking, and recognition events

Receiving personalized outreach to each Patron Champion to facilitate greater gains than an organization can achieve alone


By becoming a Patron Champion of the League of Champions, we will strive to have each Patron be recognized as a safety leader and provide continuous support for your safety excellence.


There are three Patron Champion levels to choose from. Each level has its own individualized benefits and opportunities. 

We welcome you to review and should you need any assistance, please contact us directly at
 or 647-945-5300.

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Graham Bros. Construction being accepted into the League of Champions is symbolic of where we are today as a company.

It is a reflection of the hard work and effort put forth by our workers and management towards improving safety.

We are not perfect and we are still building, but if you take a step back and realize how far we have come as a team, being a member of the League of Champions is a great reminder of that.”

Scott Stamcos

Health & Safety Coordinator

Graham Bros. Construction Limited

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